January 29, 2011

nice story

tadi bukak je fb terbaca la satu notes yg salah seorang kwn aku post..
ceritanya ringkas jek tapi agak sedih..

A bf gave a challenge to his gf to live a day without him.
No communication at all and said if she passed it he'll love her forever. The gf agreed.

She did not text or call him the whole day without knowing that her bf has
only 24 hours to live because he's suffering from cancer.

She excitedly went to her bf house the next day. Tears fall as she saw his bf
lying on the coffin with a note on the side.

"You did it baby, can you do it everyday? I LOVE YOU".

ohh sangat menyentuh perasaan cerita ni..
walaupun cerita ni sekadar rekaan semata-mata(tp tak tau la kan if betol2 terjadi)..
kalau la situasi macam ni kena kat aku memang awal2 lagi dah pengsan kot..hanya seseorang yg sangat tabah  jek kot mampu melalui situasi macam ni...

credit to my fren yg share cerita ni...*wink*